Celebrating Black history: Trojans create art inspired by social justice

Celebrating Black history: Trojans create art inspired by social justice

More than 100 participants of all artistic skill levels attended “Black History in the Making” and enjoyed an evening of communal expression.

February 25, 2021 Sa?l Garc?a

Black History in the Making, a unique online event during which Trojans and others each painted an art piece inspired by the social justice movements of summer 2020, drew more than 100 participants.

Black History MonthLocal artist Amani Holbert guided the participants, many of them novices with little to no artistic experience. The paint night last week was produced by USC’s Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs (CBCSA).

“Black History in the Making was an amazing collaboration that brought USC students, faculty, staff and community members from all over Los Angeles together in celebration,” CBCSA Director Greedley Harris III said. The event’s central themes were unity and celebrating as a community.

In a time when many people have had their fill of online events, participants ignored the “Leave Meeting” button and enjoyed a communal experience during a night of art and expression.

“It left everyone feeling empowered and they enjoyed the community during the event, as well as the amazing art pieces they created celebrating Black history,” Harris said.

The evening was a collaborative effort among CBCSA, USC University Relations and the nonprofit L.A. Commons.

Participants attend the “Black History in the Making” paint night online event. (Photo/Zoom)