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Expert in Macroeconomics, Market Power, Labor Markets, Firm Dynamics and Developing Economies

Expert in Grief and Bereavement, Evidence-based Practice with Older Adults, End-of-Life, Crisis Intervention and Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice

Expert in decision making, decision analysis, risk, terrorism, natural hazards, social networks and strategy

Expert in medical student education and continuing medical education, sports medicine, the role of physical activity in disease prevention, exercise prescription, counseling and promotion, how much physical activity is enough? (what can be learned from traditional populations that don't get coronary artery disease) and cycling and human-powered vehicles

Expert in Deep fakes, Computer vision, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Biometrics and Multimedia forensics

Expert in art of storytelling, screenwriter's role in modern-day cinema (national and international), developing nature of the film industry, cinema studies and international education and art and education

Expert in European social and cultural history, history of the family in Europe and the U.S., history of gender, sexuality and reproductive rights, history of birth control, history of women in Europe and the U.S., history of male and female work roles, effects of industrialization and rapid economic change on family and class relations, gender roles in the history of western civilization, family values, women's issues, women and the welfare state, 19th- and 20th-century France: society, culture and politics and French Revolution

Expert in Theoretical computer science, Number theory, Complexity theory, Computational molecular biology, DNA computing, Quantum computing, Computer viruses, Cryptography and General evolution

Expert in organization design, strategy formulation and implementation process and environmental sustainability

Expert in general pediatrics, child safety, lead exposure, immunization strategies, pediatric dermatology and medical education