Meet a recent USC grad using AI for health

As an engineering student, Ali Marjaninejad programmed robots to become smarter and faster.

November 16, 2022 USC Advancement Communications staff

Ali Marjaninejad is putting a human face on artificial intelligence, using AI and robots for good.

As a biomedical engineering grad student at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, he developed an algorithm to train bio-prosthetic devices, like artificial hands, for people with disabilities. The algorithm could even be used to teach robots used in search-and-rescue missions too risky for humans.

Get a glimpse into Marjaninejad’s world, and how he worked with Professor Francisco Valero-Cuevas to use AI to advance health, below.

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Ali Marjaninejad

Marjaninejad was able to attend USC thanks to a graduate fellowship. Visit USC’s scholarships site to see stories about other USC students who received financial support.