Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering marks 10-year milestone

The entrepreneur’s $35 million gift ushered in a decade of remarkable achievements for the USC Viterbi unit

November 04, 2016 USC News staff

It’s been a big decade for electrical engineering at USC Viterbi.

That’s how long it’s been since inventor, entrepreneur and USC alumnus Ming Hsieh’s gift of $35 million named the electrical engineering department at USC. In those 10 years, the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering has had two National Medals of Science winners, three new National Academy of Engineering members (four if you include Hsieh), and three faculty members named to MIT Technology Review’s “Innovators Under 35” list. Several faculty have won National Science Foundation Career Awards and medals from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

In recognition of Hsieh’s generosity, USC unveiled a relief of Hsieh in the Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Building on the University Park Campus and held a reception in his honor on Oct. 24.

Calling his life an “American dream story,” Dean Yannis Yortsos of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering pointed to Hsieh’s immigrant roots and his “hard work, dedication and commitment, imagination, creativity and astute business acumen.” Department co-chairs Sandeep Gupta and Eun Sok Kim also praised Hsieh’s humility and generosity with his time, noting how much he helps the current and future electrical engineers in USC Viterbi.

Said Hsieh: “I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful department, build on our future, and share future successes together.”