Monique Allard named USC vice president for student life

Allard has been USC’s interim vice president for student affairs since 2021.

March 30, 2023 USC staff

Monique S. Allard, USC’s interim vice president for student affairs since 2021, has been named vice president for student life, effective April 1. Allard brings more than 25 years of experience in student affairs, social work, counseling and advising.

Monique Allard
Monique Allard is USC vice president of student life. (USC Photo)

“On our campuses, Dr. Allard is well-respected by both university and student leaders,” USC President Carol L. Folt and interim Provost Elizabeth Graddy wrote in a letter to the university community. “She is known for always putting students first and bringing their voices into the conversation. In each role of increasing responsibility, she has consistently demonstrated deep commitment to enhancing our students’ well-being and personal development, ensuring they have every opportunity for academic and professional success.”

“I love student affairs,” Allard said Thursday. “I love the idea that every day I get to get out of bed and think, ‘Today I get to help someone — or many people.’”

Among her accomplishments as interim vice president, Allard has:

“Perhaps most importantly, she is known as an advocate whose door is always open for our students, who call her ‘Dr. A,’” Folt and Graddy wrote.

As the new vice president for student life, Allard will continue to lead her team in working collaboratively with leaders across the university’s 22 schools. They will redefine and execute a bold vision for student success at USC, ensuring the university’s 20,000 undergraduate and 28,000 graduate and professional students continue to thrive, Folt and Graddy wrote.

USC vice president for student life: First-gen, first woman, first from the Latino community

A first-generation college student and the first in her family to graduate from high school, Allard brings a special perspective to her new role. She’s also the first woman and first member of the Latino community to lead USC Student Affairs.

It feels pretty extraordinary to be in a position to help others achieve their educational dreams.

Monique S. Allard, USC vice president for student life

“I really see the impact of college education, including the incredible opportunities and doors that can be opened for people in so many ways,” she said. “It feels pretty extraordinary to be in a position to help others achieve their educational dreams.”

She noted the significance of her new title including the term “student life.”

“I think it’s much more encompassing of the holistic approach for student support and care,” Allard said. “Our charge is to support our student community and make sure that we have systems that care.

“It’s a big responsibility that I take very seriously.”

Allard earned her undergraduate degree in social work from California State University, Los Angeles, and her master’s and doctoral degrees in education from USC. She also serves as an adjunct assistant professor at the USC Rossier School of Education.

Chinyere Amobi and David Medzerian of USC University Communications contributed to this report.