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Expert in Social Work and Law Enforcement Collaborations, School Social Work, Crisis Intervention, Child Abuse and Neglect, Integrated Health and Behavioral Health, Trauma and Evidence-Based Practices and Organizational and Human Capacity Building

Expert in divorce law, family law, marital property, child custody, alimony, child support and surrogacy

Expert in Trauma-Informed Clinical Practice with Children & Adolescents, Mental Health Challenges in Latinix populations-Children, youth & families, Assessment and diagnosis of Latinix children, adolescents and families- mental health, Child and family psychotherapy, Trainer for Mental health agencies and Public Child Welfare workers, Professional development expert for licensed clinical social workers, Use of expressive arts to assist with trauma resolutions, Academic pedagogy- Graduate students and Online teaching

Expert in medical costs of gang-related violence, trends in gang-related homicides and drive-by shootings in Los Angeles County, firearms and the prevention of firearm injuries, injury and death from gang violence, minimizing gang violence in the emergency department, law enforcement (K-9) dog bites, youth violence, recognition and management of domestic and intimate partner violence, domestic violence and the efficacy of intervention programs, family violence prevention, hate crime violence and its emergency department management, tangential gunshot wounds to the head, date rape drugs, land mines and blast injuries, "suicide by cop" or law enforcement forced assisted suicide and forensic assessment

Expert in menopause, breast disease and contraception

Expert in race, crime and law, racial discrimination, especially against African Americans, racial profiling, stereotypes, prejudice and law, police and excessive force issues, cultural diversity, tort (personal injury) claims, tort reform movement, sexual predators, sex offenders, celebrity trials, criminal defense and prosecution, trial advocacy, criminal justice, sentencing, criminal appeals, defamation of character, slander, libel and invasion of privacy

Expert in retirement planning, financial planning, estate planning, estate taxes, death and gift tax problems, tax-free investments and retirement plans, real estate taxation, income taxation, closely held businesses, corporate taxation, probate and trust law and tax law

Expert in law, politics and public policy in the U.S., politics of legal reform, courts and judicial processes, civil and criminal justice systems and electoral reform

Expert in innovation policy, patents, copyright, trademark, legal protections for fashion design, business law, contracts, intellectual property and anti-trust law

Expert in new media, the economics of the media and communication industries, information and communication technologies, the economics of the radio spectrum, economic literacy and entrepreneurship, the economics of innovation and public policy