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Expert in decision making, decision analysis, risk, terrorism, natural hazards, social networks and strategy

Expert in economics of aging, labor economics in Mexico, labor dynamics of immigrants and pension reform and well-being during retirement, saving for retirement, and social security

Expert in aviation safety, aviation security, aviation safety management systems and aircraft accident investigations

Expert in Social work, gerontology, minority aging, women, diversity, health equity, Research on medical and psychiatric conditions affecting adults, older adults and their care partners (caregivers), Sociobehavioral interventions for people living with psychiatric and neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, dementia, family caregiving in racial and ethnic communities, Sociocultural adaptations to behavioral health interventions, Curriculum development in social work, geriatrics, diversity/equity/inclusion, Health disparities and health equity, Workforce development, and mentoring of early career scholars in aging and health disparities research, Recruitment of underrepresented groups in study participation, Latinas/Latinos/Latinx/Hispanics/Latin Americans and Bilingual: English and Spanish

Expert in Financial accounting, Accounting standards, Financial policy, Small business accounting and Securities and Exchange Commission

Expert in airplane crashes, aviation safety, aircraft accident investigation and prevention, risk management, risk analysis and the Concorde

Expert in financial statement analysis, initial public offerings (IPOs), private firm valuation, corporate control, bankruptcy, financial accounting, managerial accounting, regulatory economics and capital expenditure decisions

Expert in investor psychology and decision making and security analyst behavior

Expert in disasters, pandemics, including COVID-19, earthquakes, infectious disease, children, preparedness and epidemiology

Expert in Foreign policy, American journalists in China, North Korea and the nuclear crisis, Chinese politics, North Korean politics and East Asian politics