Dan Simon

  • Richard L. and Maria B. Crutcher Professor of Law and Psychology, USC Gould School of Law
Office: (310) 750-5096

Expertise Summary

Expert in police body cameras, jury behavior and eyewitness testimony


  • police body cameras
  • legal psychology
  • police investigations
  • eyewitness identification
  • memory for criminal events
  • detection of deceit
  • interrogations and confessions
  • jury behavior
  • the social psychology of criminal law
  • the psychology of judicial reasoning and decision-making


  • Hebrew

Additional Information

  • Author: In Doubt: The Psychology of the Criminal Justice Process (2012); A Third View of the Black Box: Cognitive Coherence in Legal Decision Making (2004); A Psychological Model of Judicial Decision Making (1998); and Judging Blame: Law, Psychology, and Wrongful Convictions