Edward J. McCaffery

  • Holder of Maurice Jones Jr. Professorship in Law
  • Executive Director, Institute on Federal Taxation
  • Director, USC-Caltech Center for the Study of Law and Politics
Office: (213) 740-2567

Expertise Summary

Expert on tax law, election and voting reform, and estate taxes


  • Election 2016
  • tax law, especially tax matters affecting women or families (e.g., child care credits)
  • comprehensive tax reform (flat tax, national sales tax, etc.)
  • gift and estate taxes and the argument for their repeal
  • election/ voting reform
  • marriage penalty tax
  • tax exempt status of churches and non-profit organizations

Additional Information

  • Author of Taxing Women (1997) and Fair Not Flat : How to Make the
  • Tax System Better and Simpler
  • (2002).
  • Testified on tax reform before U.S. Congress.
  • Served as Bill Bradley’s issues advisor during Bradley’s presidential campaign.