Howard N. Hodis

  • Harry J. Bauer and Dorothy Bauer Rawlins Professor of Cardiology
  • Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine
  • Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Director, Atherosclerosis Research Unit
  • Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Keck School of Medicine of USC
Office: (323) 442-1478

Expertise Summary

Expert on preventing cardiovascular disease, especially in women


  • prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • atherosclerosis and lipid metabolism
  • antioxidant therapy for atherosclerosis
  • non-lipid causes of atherosclerosis, suchas hyperinsulinemia and hypertension
  • atheroma
  • coronary thrombosis
  • myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • modes of therapy to achieve athero-sclerosis regression
  • measuring/ monitoring atherosclerosis
  • dietary interventions for atherosclerosis
  • atherosclerosis and coronary arterydisease in women, especially hormonalreplacement therapy (estrogen andprogestin) for atherosclerosis
  • arterial imaging of atherosclerosis
  • non-invasive methods of determining/measuring atherosclerosis
  • ultrasound measurement /determinationof atherosclerosis