Jason E. Squire

  • Associate Professor of Cinematic Practice, USC School of Cinematic Arts
Office: (310) 208-8420

Expertise Summary

Expert in all aspects of movie business practice, including the global industry, audience issues, and the wider entertainment business


  • overview of the motion picture business
  • analysis of box office grosses
  • overview of the entertainment industry
  • life cycle of feature films
  • current events in the entertainment industry
  • revenue streams -- where the money goes
  • trends in the entertainment business
  • prognosis for the global industry
  • entertainment studies
  • internships -- preparing the next generation
  • the movie business
  • Star Wars
  • Disney

Additional Information

  • Editor of The Movie Business Book (Fourth Edition, 2017)
  • Served as studio executive at 20th Century Fox, United Artists, Avco
    Embassy Pictures
  • Co-editor of The Movie Business: American Film Industry Practice (1972)
  • Helped establish “movie business” as a distinct area of academic study
  • Chosen by contentville.com as one of its 50 U.S. academic experts