Martin L. Levine

Expert in Therapeutic practices, Ethnography and human development
  • Holder of the UPS Chair in Law and Gerontology
  • Vice provost for faculty affairs
  • Professor of law, gerontology, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, USC Gould School of Law
  • Senior research associate, division of policy and services research, Gerontology Research Institute, USC Andrus Gerontology Center
Office: (213) 740-6715


  • rights of the elderly
  • age discrimination
  • mandatory retirement
  • rights of the elderly
  • poverty law
  • mental health law
  • mediation
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • psychoanalysis
  • psychotherapy
  • forensic psychiatry
  • professional ethics
  • lie detector tests
  • criminal justice
  • patients' rights and advocacy
  • mental health law

Additional Information

  • Author of Age Discrimination and the Mandatory Retirement Controversy (1988) and Elderlaw: Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues of Aging
  • Editor of Law and Psychology (1995), Legal Education (1993) and Law and Aging: International Variations (1988)
  • Honorary president, National Senior Citizens Law Center
  • Past president, Council on Psychoanalytic Education
  • A psychoanalyst as well as an attorney