Suraiya Rasheed

  • Professor of Pathology, Keck School of MedicineDirector, Laboratory of Viral Oncology and AIDS Research
Office: (323) 865-1639

Expertise Summary

Expert in protein studies of cancer and neuronal cells differential protein expression profiles of HIV infection, and biological and molecular characterization of human retroviruses involved in cancer and AIDS


  • identification of AIDS virus (HIV) andhuman T-cell leukemia viruses(HTLV-I and HTLV-II)
  • genetic variations of HIV strains
  • HIV viral load by culture and bypolymerase chain reaction (PCR)of viral RNA or DNA
  • molecular biology of human retroviruses
  • viral and cellular gene expression
  • identification of drug-resistant HIVstrains
  • virology of human cancers (leukemia andlymphoma)
  • identifications of mutations that conferdrug resistance to HIV by DNAnucleotide sequence analysis
  • viral genes and cellular oncogenes innon-Hodgkins lymphoma and otherhuman cancers
  • cancer genomics - genome-wide geneexpression of cancer cells
  • proteomics - genome-wide expressionof proteins in cancer cells


  • Urdu

Additional Information

  • Fellow, Royal College of Pathologists, London