The crests for USC Village’s eight new residential colleges honor unique qualities of each college.

Student Life

Residential College Icons Build on USC Trojan Traditions

Crests harken back to the symbols and traditions of USC.

September 25, 2017 Alicia Di Rado


The symbols of heraldry have stood as marks of achievement for centuries. What’s old is now new, as USC draws on this history to shape the icons that represent its residential colleges. Each USC residential college has its own crest. With the creation of eight new residential colleges at USC Village, the suite of crests now has swelled to 14.

Every crest displays visual elements that hold special meaning. The design for McCarthy Honors College, for example, is inspired by the intersecting walkways of McCarthy Quad. Symbols used in the crests often relate to the theme of the residential college or originate as elements from USC’s seal and shield. The crests remain true to the university’s official colors, upholding tradition and a sense of place and belonging.