sculpting of Hecuba statue

Sculptor Christopher Slatoff works on Hecuba, queen of Troy. The iconic statue stands at the center of the new USC Village. (USC Photo/Mark Rivard)


The making of Hecuba: From an abstract idea to an iconic USC landmark

Follow along with the fascinating process as sculptor Christopher Slatoff brings USC President C. L. Max Nikias’ vision to life

November 23, 2017 Mark Rivard

It’s the unmistakable centerpiece of USC Village: the towering statue of Hecuba, queen of Troy. She is the mother of the Trojans, wife of King Priam and an instant symbol of the university she calls home.

But it’s a long road from idea to sculpture. Come along as sculptor Christopher Slatoff takes USC President C. L. Max Nikias’ amorphous idea and brings it to life in all of its glory.