Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The classes of 2020 and 2021 join for commencement exercises at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. (USC Photo)


The top USC stories of 2021 that you couldn’t help but share

Year in review: From a much-awaited series of commencements for two classes to a special homecoming and more, check out some of this year’s most popular stories.

December 22, 2021 David Medzerian

It was the second “year like no other” in a row, but at least 2021 started to look a little more normal. Take a look at some of the most popular USC News stories you were talking about all year.

? Finally, commencement

“Whatever its impact, COVID didn’t derail or defeat you, and it certainly didn’t define you. You wouldn’t let it, and we wouldn’t either.”

Carol L. Folt, USC president


? How housing might change

“I think there are going to be fundamental changes, almost infrastructural changes, in the way we live and work because of COVID and because of the way we’ve been exposed to working at home.”

John Dutton, USC School of Architecture


? Another diverse group

“They showed resilience, determination and optimism throughout. We’re honored to welcome these remarkable students to our campus.”

Timothy Brunold, USC dean of admission


? Memories set to music

“This Homecoming celebration for the Trojan Marching Band alumni is about friendships forged years ago. For one brief weekend, we’re all back in the band and all friends again. The cast of characters who played such a prominent role in my college experience are all the same, though a little grayer and a bit more wrinkled.”

Christian Gunning, USC vice president for communication and Trojan Marching Band alum


? COVID vaccinations in the community

“It’s our privilege to help in this effort and actively partner with the city and [L.A. Mayor Eric] Garcetti to fight this virus. This center will help bring vaccines into communities most impacted by COVID-19.”

Carol L. Folt, USC president


? Entertainment tomorrow

“Ultimately, more people will end up watching movies on Netflix at home because we have gotten used to that.”

Wendy Wood, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences


? New places for diverse communities

Sometimes you need a space to relax and call your own. That’s part of the thinking behind the remodeled USC cultural centers and new student lounges that opened on the University Park Campus this fall.


? Your favorite spots

“I was at USC in the late 1950s. Mudd Hall’s library was my spot: quiet, serene, smogless.”

Jim Creber, Class of 1961


? New faces in important positions

Finally, meet some of the new leaders that joined the Trojan Family in 2021:










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