The Shrine Parking Structure opened for business in April. The other University Park Campus parking structures are getting new names. (USC Photo/Gus Ruelas)


USC University Park Campus parking structures, entrances get new names

Forget three-letter abbreviations and numbered gates: The new names are based on locations you already know.

August 07, 2017 David Medzerian

Next time you drive to the University Park Campus, don’t try to park at Parking Structure X. You won’t find it.

PSA is gone too, as is PSB, and all of the other names you remember.

But don’t worry: The parking structures are still there. Only the names have changed.

The new names reflect the facilities’ locations; they should be easier for newcomers to find and for old-timers to remember (though you may have to check a map to find out where Royal Street is). Crews have spent the last several weeks installing new names on each of the campus parking structures; the project is set to be finished this week.

Tony Mazza, USC director of transportation, said the changes were made to make it easier for visitors using directional aides like Google Maps and Waze, and to match newer signage elsewhere on the campus.

Campus entrances are getting new names, too, based on location instead of an easy-to-forget number.

Parking structures

  • Parking Structure A (PSA) is now the Downey Way Parking Structure.
  • Parking Structure B (PSB) is now the Jefferson Boulevard Parking Structure.
  • Parking Structure D (PSD) is now the Royal Street Parking Structure.
  • Parking Structure X (PSX) is now the McCarthy Way Parking Structure.
  • Parking Structure 1 (PS1) is now the Flower Street Parking Structure.
  • Parking Structure 2 (PS2) is now the Figueroa Street Parking Structure.
  • The University Parking Center (UPX) is now the Grand Avenue Parking Structure.
  • The Shrine Parking Structure was named under the new system when it opened in April.

Entrance names

  • Gate 1 is now the Watt Way Entrance.
  • Gate 2 is now the Pardee Way Entrance.
  • Gate 3 is now the McCarthy Way Entrance.
  • Gate 4 is now the Royal Street Entrance.
  • Gate 5 is now the McClintock Avenue Entrance.
  • Gate 6 is now the Downey Way Entrance.
  • Gate 8 is now the Jefferson Boulevard Entrance.

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University Park Campus map