Details on a USC building

11 USC Campus Flourishes — Can You Locate Them?

From windows to water fountains, the University Park Campus has no shortage of beautiful architectural flourishes.

October 08, 2018 Elisa Huang

Every USC building has a story to tell. From the historic Widney Alumni House to USC Village residence halls, architectural flourishes abound on the USC University Park Campus. They’re in archways and fountains, on ledges and ceilings.

Can you name the locations of these decorative details? Answers below.

Answer key

Left to right, from top: Zumberge Hall; Associates Park; USC Village (Irani Hall); Doheny Memorial Library (Nazarian Pavilion Courtyard); Tutor Campus Center; United University Church; Leventhal School of Accounting; USC Village; Doheny Memorial Library; Wallis Annenberg Hall; Dauterive Hall

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