USC Marshall teams with USA Today to cover the business of sport

Professional sports like Major League Baseball are big business. (Photo/Alicia Di Rado)


USC Marshall teams with USA Today to cover the business of sport

Online partnership aims to transform sports business analysis

April 15, 2014 Jeremy Deutchman

A collaboration between the USC Marshall School of Business’ Sports Business Institute and the USA Today Sports Media Group will create a first-of-its-kind online platform for daily content covering the business of sports.

The Fields of Green will offer analysis of breaking news, current events and ongoing topics in the sports industry through curated blog posts, original columns and multimedia (slideshows, infographics and video).

With contributors from executives and experts, the new site will examine the convergence of sports and entertainment as well as the latest media trends, emerging technologies, new venues, sponsorship deals and marketing campaigns.

“The breadth of expertise represented by both the Sports Business Institute and the USA Today Sports Media Group is impressive,” said James G. Ellis, dean of USC Marshall. “By joining forces to create Fields of Green, these organizations will continue to redefine the sports business landscape, both nationally and globally.”

Housed at USC Marshall, the Sports Business Institute is a multifaceted center focused on understanding and furthering the industry primarily through applied research, student-led consulting assignments and events. In addition to providing comprehensive analysis, the institute develops industry leaders through its research and strategic partnerships.

“Fields of Green brings something completely new to the table: timely, incisive analysis of issues in sports from a business perspective,” said David Carter, executive director of the Sports Business Institute and a national authority on sports business and strategic marketing. “It’s a niche that no one else is filling and a tremendous opportunity to shed light on the developments driving the sports business industry today.”

The website will rely on the Sports Business Institute to populate its content, which will also feature longer, in-depth pieces examining relevant issues from multiple vantage points.

“Fields of Green will leverage our position as the top source of sports news and information in the country to expose a broad audience to the USC Sports Business Institute’s cutting-edge insight and seasoned analysis,” said Dave Morgan, president of the Sports Media Group. “The synergies between us make our two organizations a solid match.”