Student Life

USC Village Rooms Make Residential Colleges Feel Like Home

Functional and stylish furniture are just some of the comforts for students.

September 25, 2017 Ron Mackovich-Rodriguez


More than 12,000 pieces of residential furniture fill USC Village’s residence halls: dressers, beds, desks, tables, chairs and couches. Most were made with some recycled material, and all were chosen for durability, simplicity and style after extensive testing. (Just one example: Staff sifted through a dozen models of desk chairs before picking one.)

Mattresses made at a nearby factory in Montebello give Trojans the best of both worlds. Too firm? Flip it over to choose its softer side. There are 80 student lounges throughout USC Village, and two-thirds are outfitted with audiovisual equipment for sharing presentations or watching TV. The rest were designed for quiet group study and relaxation.

The lobbies and lounges feature a signature color scheme unique to each building. “We tried to pick out flexible, modern furniture that incorporated colors from the building into each lounge,” interior designer Jan Edson says. “The color scheme for each building is based on landscapes, and you’ll see that echoed as you walk through the residential life lounges.”

Designers also made sure that windows were built throughout to provide plenty of natural light in bedrooms and lounges. Residents enjoy sweeping views of USC Village buildings, the busy paseos below and even downtown L.A.