William Forsythe talks about teaching at USC Kaufman

The famed choreographer known for developing new approaches to education leads classes in improv and ballet

February 01, 2016 Justina Gaddy

In a new video from the USC Kaufman School of Dance, faculty member and renowned choreographer William Forsythe talks about his approach to teaching the young dancers in the school’s budding BFA program.

“Getting people there. That’s the thing. Seeing people have little successes every day,” Forsythe said. “When I teach at Kaufman, I do not teach any differently than when I teach for professionals.”

The choreographer teaches regular composition, improvisation and ballet classes for students at USC Kaufman. His wide range of projects includes installations, films and Web-based knowledge creation. He is known for directing the Ballet Frankfurt for 20 years and for developing new approaches to dance documentation, research and education.