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Sam Mantell spent almost three years producing, editing and selling a documentary about being homeless in Los Angeles. His biggest takeaway? Understanding the business side of entertainment is key.
A little of both, it turns out — and that’s OK, says Patricia St. Clair of the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics. “There is error in every number and it’s really a range,” she says. “For policy decisions I think you want the best numbers you can get, so that’s why we try to make them more precise.”
Mohamed El-Farra places marginalized populations at the center of his work in regenerative medicine.
The Law Enforcement Advanced Development program combines community policing with a better understanding of people.
The program’s simple yet ambitious goal: to foster a robust international arts community focused around the Pacific Rim, Latin America and Southeast Asia.
Social Impact
“Just hearing about how they overcame people telling them ‘no’ really resonated with me,” says high school student Katharine Rovira.
A $1.5 million grant will allow researchers with the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society to investigate ways to reduce racial bias in the housing system.