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Expert in digital government - the use of information technology in government, for interaction with citizens and in provision of services, with special emphasis on the collection and dissemination of statistical data, artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and generation in intelligent systems, representation of information in intelligent systems, intelligent access to multiple heterogeneous information sources and human/ computer interfaces

Expert in international information and communication policy, global governance, globalization, international political economy, international trade relations, wireless communications, and the international economy, intellectual property, the Internet and global communication, international intellectual property protection, U.S. trade policy, multilateral trade negotiations and Net neutrality

Expert in Political journalism, National politics, Television punditry, Partisan media, Community journalism, Newsroom diversity, Digital media, Media hiring practices, Newsroom management, Newsroom leadership and Media criticism

Expert in U.S.-Japan relations, Japanese politics, business/ government relations in Japan, post-war Japan and East Asia/East Asian societies and cultures

Expert in urban planning, social policy, technology, communication, globalization, Internet and social change, network society, information age and global media

Expert in entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-up companies, financing for start-ups, venture capital, angel investors and private equity, how to structure business ventures, corporate law, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, corporate governance and issues involving corporate directors, shareholder agreements, stock options, fiduciary duties and insider trading

Expert in corporate governance, leadership, executive development, CEO succession and boards of directors

Expert in ethical standards for, and ethical conduct by, public officials, ethics for law enforcement officers, ethics for police administrators, governmental ethics reform, public ethics training and education, issues of citizenship obligation and public ethics, neighborhood participation in government, particularly the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council system, democratic values and social ethics

Expert in journalism, communications, education, campaign finance, policy, government and ethics

Expert in Ocean and coastal law, Climate change adaptation, Water law, Water rights, Water pollution, Clean Water Act, Adaptive governance and Toxic torts