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Expert in Election 2016, race and racial identification, ethnicity, immigration and assimilation, Mexicans, Mexican Americans and second-generation Mexicans, the Latino middle class and Latino entrepreneurs, non-Latino identifiers with Latino ancestry and the impact of working while in high school/college on the educational attainment of second-generation Mexican Americans, Chinese and Vietnamese

Expert in economics of aging, labor economics in Mexico, labor dynamics of immigrants and pension reform and well-being during retirement, saving for retirement, and social security

Expert in Oral Health and Social Work, Mental Health Children, Youth, and Adults, Inter-professional Collaboration, Immigration and Cultural Humility

Expert in communication technologies and community, multiethnic media maps, family and children in geo-ethnic neighborhoods, new immigrants, their communities and their media, storytelling neighborhood, a path to 'belonging communities', media strategies for effective health campaigns and disaster preparedness and patterns of daily life in diverse urban communities

Expert in Theatre and Social Change, Labor exploitation, immigrant rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, prison justice also called "Applied Theatre Arts", Theatre of the Oppressed (senior practitioner), Theatre and therapy, drug/alcohol recovery, collective trauma, Theatre in Education, Theatre for instructional purposes in K-12 classrooms, International social change theatre and Voice training for actors

Expert in Middle East political economy, Palestinian affairs, inter-Arab politics, "Arab spring", ethnic conflict in the Middle East, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, North Africa, immigration, migration and refugees in the Middle East, Academic freedom and Arabic language study

Expert in health care reform, access to care, health services utilization and quality of care, cost control, public hospitals and other safety net providers, vulnerable populations, including the homeless and immigrant children and coronavirus/COVID-19 impact on vulnerable populations

Expert in the demography of aging, healthy aging, disability, old-age mortality and morbidity, male and female infant mortality, health of Hispanic/Latino immigrants and their U.S.-born children and early infection and its effect on growth and lifespan

Expert in racial segregation and urban environment in Los Angeles from 1921-2001, historical patterns of immigration to the U.S., immigration, ethnicity and race, social and political resources of immigrants in a comparative perspective from the 1890s to the 1990s, urban problems and policies in historical perspective, 20th century politics and policy, Western history, California history, Los Angeles history, networked information for public access, urban information resources, secession and global cities

Expert in United States immigration law, refugee and asylum law, forced migration, extraterritorial border controls, migration by sea, maritime migration toward Europe, Frontex, the European border control agency, U.S. and European maritime interdiction practices, including push-back and interception at sea, search and rescue obligations at sea, deportation for reasons of national security or terrorism, use of secret evidence in immigration proceedings, Haitian boat people and refugees, including U.S. interdiction of Haitian boat people on the high seas, post-Gulf War Iraqi refugees, transgender asylum seekers, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and immigration detention practices