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Expert in decision making, decision analysis, risk, terrorism, natural hazards, social networks and strategy

Expert in organization design, strategy formulation and implementation process and environmental sustainability

Expert in Election 2016, race and racial identification, ethnicity, immigration and assimilation, Mexicans, Mexican Americans and second-generation Mexicans, the Latino middle class and Latino entrepreneurs, non-Latino identifiers with Latino ancestry and the impact of working while in high school/college on the educational attainment of second-generation Mexican Americans, Chinese and Vietnamese

Expert in polarization, , unconscious bias, politics, nonprofit, leadership, tribalism, bridging divides, media literacy, civics, debate and management

Expert in the Muslim student experience, the Patriot Act, as it pertains to the academic freedom of Muslims, the status of women in Islam, the legal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students, civil rights and discrimination in employment, housing and access to services, the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment and survivors of sexual assault, including male survivors

Expert in health and aging, centenarians , role of neighborhoods and community in health and well-being, stress and sleep, reasons behind lack of sleep in US, air pollution and health in older adults, demographics of aging, health and retirement and issues of open access for social science

Expert in Digital transformation, Technology and society, Digital addiction, Social media, Online dating, Online relationships, Dating apps, Catphishing, Blockchain, Men, women and communication, flirting, Sexuality and the Internet, Smoking as depicted on the Internet, Anti-pornography screening software, Moods and emotions, Body image issues and plastic surgery, Marriage, family and relationship issues, Infidelity, unwed pregnancy, divorce, multiple partners, Research methods and Social psychology

Expert in probability theory and the odds of various phenomena, such as winning the lottery

Expert in Social Media - such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Big data - such as Google Web Search or search navigation data, Health communication - such as mass media campaigns, Marketing and Emerging tobacco products-such as JUUL, KandyPens

Expert in technology commercialization, technology startup strategy, entrepreneurial design in large companies, small business and the economy, business strategies in uncertain times, startups and innovation, startups and design thinking and business model design