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Expert in Risk perception and communication, Judgment and decision making, Behavior change interventions for health, sustainability and well-being, Public perceptions of climate change, Age differences in decision making and well-being, COVID-19 risk perceptions and protective behaviors, Food insecurity during COVID-19 and Social circle questions for election polls

Expert in survey research, survey methods, internet panel, polling, public opinion survey and tracking polls

Expert in California politics, including gubernatorial and congressional elections, public opinion, polling methods and analysis, women in politics, racial and ethnic politics, the politics of immigration, political behavior, independent voters and voter demographics

Expert in public opinion polling, oversees the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak Poll, oversees the Understanding America Survey, aging and economic decision making, economic well-being of the elderly, including consumption and savings, pensions and Social Security, disability and portfolio choice, health and economic determinants of retirement in the U.S. and Western Europe and new technology to improve data collection

Expert in K-12 education, student engagement, Learning Management Systems, special education, distance education, educational technology, classroom clickers (electronic polling devices) and motivation in classrooms

Expert in Election 2016, political campaign strategy, communication management, presidential elections and campaigns, ballot initiatives and referendum campaigns, Republican politics, electoral politics, public affairs, California politics, public policy reform and lobbying

Expert in psychology, self-report assessments, public opinion polling and medical questionnaires