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Mothers take a much bigger and long-lasting hit to their income after having a child compared with new fathers. A USC researcher found a promising strategy to narrow the gap.
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Twenty-Year Study of Network and Cable by USC and Purdue Sociologists Finds Men Took 96% of Sports News in 2009
USC 2016 | From the top women’s overall program to conference and national titles and an upcoming Rose Bowl, Trojans fought on to victory all year.
When a family friend took on the battle of her young life, a PhD student made her the hero of a children’s book.
USC’s Dan Schnnur observes that since campaigns can’t communicate directly with SuperPACs, the agreement is simply a way to let those groups know how to prioritize their spending.
Three USC researchers to develop program that would get individuals back on their feet, practicing the walking skills needed to navigate their communities.
USC event brings together women who want to shape cities and drive decisions for development.
USC Institute for Creative Technologies, Dan Marino Foundation partner on technology to improve social skills.