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Inland Shift: Race, Space and Capital in Southern California by USC American Studies Professor Juan De Lara explores the economic and social upheaval brought on by the region’s booming ”logistics economy.”
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?????????? PRIDE MONTH: Students, faculty and staff share personal reflections about finding and building community.
Research at USC is helping define the environment’s impact on the brain. Growing evidence links the long-term effects of dirty air to accelerated cognitive decline and dementia, and USC researchers hope to better understand environmental effects and gene-environment interactions on brain health.
Four USC Annenberg graduate students take a look at the dominant images of this political season. Activist street artists have been especially busy creating some of the presidential campaign’s most provocative statements.
Researchers at USC’s Information Sciences Institute used artificial intelligence to study gender disparities in science.
Landlords don’t always act rationally, notes USC Marshall’s Marco Giacoletti, whose research shows how they might adjust to a reopening society.
Company uses tech to pull basketball fans into the NBA game-day experience with the LA Clippers.
The public policy school is partnering with historically Black colleges and universities to promote research, engage diverse populations, provide mentorship opportunities and foster dialogue among faculty and students.