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The staggering increase highlights the shifting dynamics and focus of the opioid crisis, long considered a white, rural issue. A key contributor is the rise of fentanyl as a replacement for heroin in most of the nation’s largest drug markets, notes Ricky Bluthenthal of the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
A 30-year USC/Purdue study finds that television news and ESPN’s SportsCenter continue to ignore women’s sports — and online media coverage isn’t much better.
In California, Latinos ages 20 to 54 have died from COVID-19 at a rate more than eight times higher than that of white people in the same age group, according to a USC study. Many died before vaccines were widely available.
USC experts examine the unique aspects of today’s vote — including the fact that, for once, California matters.
Despite unprecedented gains in recent decades, significant challenges and threats remain: “It’s not time for a feminist victory lap.”
The largest development in the history of South L.A. — with restaurants, retailers and residential colleges — leaves quite an impression as it officially debuts.
In an op-ed, USC’s Sid Mohasseb argues that the anti-work phenomenon of “quiet quitting” is encouraging people to withdraw privately and silently, which could create a tendency for self-destruction.
People who move to an area with a high obesity rate are likely to become overweight or obese themselves.