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USC Viterbi-hosted EngX attracts students who want to be engineers.
Designs put metal to work in unexpected — and colorful — ways.
The two-year letterman set school records for career strikeouts and career ERA. 
USC study sheds lights on a practice that occurs more often than we think.
Sunita Puri, who is writing the Keck Medicine of USC policy on the new law, found that while 60 percent of her colleagues said they supported the legislation in theory, half would not prescribe the medication themselves.
USC 2016 | Our team of photographers kept an eye — and a lens — on the university all year. Here are our picks from among the many memorable images they captured.
New study at USC will compare two ways of caring for older adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Even with a bachelor’s degree from USC Viterbi and now a master’s from the USC Iovine and Young Academy, this proud Trojan still puts in his hours on the family farm.
A new study is a hard look in the mirror for how providers have contributed to the addiction epidemic.
Research by USC’s Arthur Stone and colleagues found that worry follows us from ages 20 to 50 — likely anxiety about money, jobs and kids. Those worries begin to diminish starting at about age 50, and well-being climbs to about age 70, when people are less anxious but still healthy.