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A USC Annenberg scholar explains why these easily accessed images should viewed with solemn reserve — and careful circulation.
Workers reported new physical and mental health issues. They also were spending 90 more minutes a day at their workstations
Hundreds of thousands of women have left the workforce. Many kids continue to lack the resources for distance learning. USC experts outline the problems exposed by COVID-19 and propose long-term solutions.
The vaccine’s 90% effectiveness far exceeds the FDA’s bar of 50%, says David Agus of the Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC: “This is a momentous occasion.”
USC Gould’s Elyn Saks joins with other top legal minds to discuss involuntary commitment to mental hospitals.
Birth rates were already on the decline. If hundreds of thousands of millennial women choose to delay pregnancy even longer, “we’re looking at a fundamental and unprecedented change to our population,” says demographer Dowell Myers of the USC Price School of Public Policy.
News Releases
New USC research exploring the pandemic experiences of the Navajo Nation and the Klamath Tribes underscores the need for the U.S. to honor tribal water rights that have been legally recognized — but never delivered on — for over a century.
The USC Dornsife/L.A. Times Daybreak Poll, which predicted Trump’s strong showing in the 2016 presidential election, provides the framework for a new California survey collaboration.
As fans continue to mourn the passing of the music legend who died April 21, USC scholars reflect on his legacy — and our emotions.
At USC’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative, middle-school boys and girls are separated in some courses, boys often work in small groups and lectures break after 15 minutes. “We made our program more relevant to the way male brains learn best,” says USC’s Kim Thomas-Barrios.