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USC’s Dwight Stirling explains why the law requires a service member to be out of uniform for at least seven years before assuming the civilian role of secretary of defense.
A specific brain network, the locus coereleus, that controls your ability to focus your attention appears to weaken as you age, making you more prone to distraction while under stress.
The couple's generous gift enables exceptional student-athletes to attend USC.
USC Dornsife’s Tok Thompson notes that ghosts are often found seeking justice from beyond the grave, a reminder that ethics and morality transcend our lives and that ethical lapses can carry a heavy spiritual burden.
The generous gift supports an area of vital need: funds that make a USC education possible for talented students.
Accepting a deal from prosecutors has become a common choice for individuals accused of a crime.
The Trojans attribute the city’s success to understanding the community’s needs, partnering with trusted leaders and using data-based messaging – tactics they honed at USC.
Research by Kevin J. Murphy of the USC Marshall School of Business and a colleague shows that when legislation puts restrictions on CEO pay, other methods of compensation &mash; like stock options — boom.
Combining responsibilities at work with caregiving, working mothers are experiencing growing shame for not living up to anyone’s expectations — including their own, notes USC Bovard College’s Tiffany Danko and colleagues.