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A paid internship program offered by USC Dornsife’s Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies trains students to communicate scientific research to the public.
The Trojans attribute the city’s success to understanding the community’s needs, partnering with trusted leaders and using data-based messaging – tactics they honed at USC.
Research by Kevin J. Murphy of the USC Marshall School of Business and a colleague shows that when legislation puts restrictions on CEO pay, other methods of compensation &mash; like stock options — boom.
Combining responsibilities at work with caregiving, working mothers are experiencing growing shame for not living up to anyone’s expectations — including their own, notes USC Bovard College’s Tiffany Danko and colleagues.
Workers reported new physical and mental health issues. They also were spending 90 more minutes a day at their workstations
Hundreds of thousands of women have left the workforce. Many kids continue to lack the resources for distance learning. USC experts outline the problems exposed by COVID-19 and propose long-term solutions.
The vaccine’s 90% effectiveness far exceeds the FDA’s bar of 50%, says David Agus of the Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC: “This is a momentous occasion.”
USC Gould’s Elyn Saks joins with other top legal minds to discuss involuntary commitment to mental hospitals.
Those single-use bottles are on their way out as water refill stations proliferate on USC’s University Park and Health Sciences campuses.
Birth rates were already on the decline. If hundreds of thousands of millennial women choose to delay pregnancy even longer, “we’re looking at a fundamental and unprecedented change to our population,” says demographer Dowell Myers of the USC Price School of Public Policy.