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Expert in Macroeconomics, Market Power, Labor Markets, Firm Dynamics and Developing Economies

Expert in technology commercialization, technology startup strategy, entrepreneurial design in large companies, small business and the economy, business strategies in uncertain times, startups and innovation, startups and design thinking and business model design

Expert in international information and communication policy, global governance, globalization, international political economy, international trade relations, wireless communications, and the international economy, intellectual property, the Internet and global communication, international intellectual property protection, U.S. trade policy, multilateral trade negotiations and Net neutrality

Expert in community development and design, housing and neighborhood planning, urban design, comparative urbanism and urbanization, Third World development, politics of development, political economy of planning and urban sprawl

Expert in economic policy, Net neutrality, comparative telecommunications, social and strategic dimensions of the Internet, information technology and international development, technology management, wi-fi and wireless technologies and political economy of information

Expert in Middle East political economy, Palestinian affairs, inter-Arab politics, "Arab spring", ethnic conflict in the Middle East, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, North Africa, immigration, migration and refugees in the Middle East, Academic freedom and Arabic language study

Expert in urban planning, social policy, technology, communication, globalization, Internet and social change, network society, information age and global media

Expert in Election 2016, urban policy and planning, cultural industries (art, fashion, music), Los Angeles and New York City as cultural hubs, economic development of cities, social networks, nightlife, innovation, economic impact of creative industries and the making of celebrity

Expert in economy of the Inland Empire, warehouse jobs and the logistics industry, Walmart, social justice, class, race and inequality and labor and unions

Expert in international macroeconomics, exchange rate fluctuations, economic impacts of corporate governance, Thai currency crisis, open economy and development, economies of Japan and East Asia, emerging markets, China's economic development, macroeconomic effects by aging populations and international finance