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Expert in Grief and Bereavement, Evidence-based Practice with Older Adults, End-of-Life, Crisis Intervention and Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice

Expert in cancer research, use of personal genomics to improve cancer and wellness care, proteomics (study of proteins)', DNA analysis, biotechnology', the impact of inflammation/lifestyle/diet on long-term health, personalized medicine, COVID-19 and its vaccines and use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve cancer care

Expert in health and aging, centenarians , role of neighborhoods and community in health and well-being, stress and sleep, reasons behind lack of sleep in US, air pollution and health in older adults, demographics of aging, health and retirement and issues of open access for social science

Expert in Social Work and Law Enforcement Collaborations, School Social Work, Crisis Intervention, Child Abuse and Neglect, Integrated Health and Behavioral Health, Trauma and Evidence-Based Practices and Organizational and Human Capacity Building

Expert in Digital transformation, Technology and society, Digital addiction, Social media, Online dating, Online relationships, Dating apps, Catphishing, Blockchain, Men, women and communication, flirting, Sexuality and the Internet, Smoking as depicted on the Internet, Anti-pornography screening software, Moods and emotions, Body image issues and plastic surgery, Marriage, family and relationship issues, Infidelity, unwed pregnancy, divorce, multiple partners, Research methods and Social psychology

Expert in Social Media - such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Big data - such as Google Web Search or search navigation data, Health communication - such as mass media campaigns, Marketing and Emerging tobacco products-such as JUUL, KandyPens

Expert in multiple sclerosis, Latino health, central nervous demyelination, optic neuritis, transverse myelitis and Devic's disease

Expert in Trauma-Informed Clinical Practice with Children & Adolescents, Mental Health Challenges in Latinix populations-Children, youth & families, Assessment and diagnosis of Latinix children, adolescents and families- mental health, Child and family psychotherapy, Trainer for Mental health agencies and Public Child Welfare workers, Professional development expert for licensed clinical social workers, Use of expressive arts to assist with trauma resolutions, Academic pedagogy- Graduate students and Online teaching

Expert in Documentary filmmaking for Social Change,, LatinX and mental health,, The impact of fatherhood on child development, and Social connections and support as an antidote to isolation and other mental health issues

Expert in Social work, gerontology, minority aging, women, diversity, health equity, Research on medical and psychiatric conditions affecting adults, older adults and their care partners (caregivers), Sociobehavioral interventions for people living with psychiatric and neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, dementia, family caregiving in racial and ethnic communities, Sociocultural adaptations to behavioral health interventions, Curriculum development in social work, geriatrics, diversity/equity/inclusion, Health disparities and health equity, Workforce development, and mentoring of early career scholars in aging and health disparities research, Recruitment of underrepresented groups in study participation, Latinas/Latinos/Latinx/Hispanics/Latin Americans and Bilingual: English and Spanish