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Expert in European social and cultural history, history of the family in Europe and the U.S., history of gender, sexuality and reproductive rights, history of birth control, history of women in Europe and the U.S., history of male and female work roles, effects of industrialization and rapid economic change on family and class relations, gender roles in the history of western civilization, family values, women's issues, women and the welfare state, 19th- and 20th-century France: society, culture and politics and French Revolution

Expert in Election 2016, race and racial identification, ethnicity, immigration and assimilation, Mexicans, Mexican Americans and second-generation Mexicans, the Latino middle class and Latino entrepreneurs, non-Latino identifiers with Latino ancestry and the impact of working while in high school/college on the educational attainment of second-generation Mexican Americans, Chinese and Vietnamese

Expert in polarization, , unconscious bias, politics, nonprofit, leadership, tribalism, bridging divides, media literacy, civics, debate and management

Expert in international information and communication policy, global governance, globalization, international political economy, international trade relations, wireless communications, and the international economy, intellectual property, the Internet and global communication, international intellectual property protection, U.S. trade policy, multilateral trade negotiations and Net neutrality

Expert in community development and design, housing and neighborhood planning, urban design, comparative urbanism and urbanization, Third World development, politics of development, political economy of planning and urban sprawl

Expert in gender and media, contemporary American culture, race and popular culture, gender and popular culture, nationalism and popular culture, American television, American film, children and media, children and popular culture, beauty pageants, body image, Nickelodeon, sports and gender, children's citizenship and identity, feminist theory, cultural studies, youth culture and culture and communication

Expert in economic policy, Net neutrality, comparative telecommunications, social and strategic dimensions of the Internet, information technology and international development, technology management, wi-fi and wireless technologies and political economy of information

Expert in law, politics and public policy in the U.S., politics of legal reform, courts and judicial processes, civil and criminal justice systems and electoral reform

Expert in mass media, popular culture and its interpretation, gender, race and national identity as they appear in popular media, gender studies and marketing research

Expert in Political journalism, National politics, Television punditry, Partisan media, Community journalism, Newsroom diversity, Digital media, Media hiring practices, Newsroom management, Newsroom leadership and Media criticism