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Expert in California politics, understanding issues in the news, how the media inform U.S. voters, political advertising and communication, political psychology, mass media, public opinion, local media coverage of election campaigns, presidential elections, election/voting reform and emotion and politics

Expert in corporate finance, dividend policy, proxy contests, stockholder voting rights and takeover defenses

Expert in Election 2016, 2020, U.S. politics, elections, political institutions, political methodology, partisanship, state legislatures, president and executive branch, Congress, Congressional campaigns, including midterm Congressional elections, race and representation, African American members of Congress, voting rights policy, media coverage of elections and Policy shifts caused by health-induced vacancies in the U.S. Senate

Expert in Probability, Statistics, Voting theory, Game theory, Games of chance, the lottery, Computer science, Algorithms, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

Expert in California politics, including gubernatorial and congressional elections, public opinion, polling methods and analysis, women in politics, racial and ethnic politics, the politics of immigration, political behavior, independent voters and voter demographics

Expert in Election 2016, tax law, especially tax matters affecting women or families (e.g., child care credits), comprehensive tax reform (flat tax, national sales tax, etc.), gift and estate taxes and the argument for their repeal, election/ voting reform, marriage penalty tax and tax exempt status of churches and non-profit organizations

Expert in capital structure, dividend policy, corporate governance, stockholder voting rights and contractual features of merger agreements

Expert in political ideology, partisan politics and international relations, foreign policy decision-making process, core political values and how they relate to positions on international issues, links between domestic and foreign policies, political parties and foreign policy, humanitarian intervention, political psychology, voting behavior and international organizations

Expert in Research focuses on political behavior and race/ethnicity, and seeks to explain patterns of voting and political underrepresentation, particularly among youth and communities of color in California and the U.S., Political sociologist, Civic engagement and political rights, Election 2018, Voting behavior, Latino vote, Youth vote and civic engagement, Civic education, Voting rights, Congressional districts, Political mobilization and Government transparency

Expert in Election 2016, Latino public opinion and voting behavior, Hispanic demographics, Spanish-language media in the U.S., national, international and Washington print journalism, portrayal of Latinos in media and immigration