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Architecture students at USC have designed a creative solution to temporarily shelter homeless women: petite pods built of birch, steel and aluminum that can be stacked and rearranged on parking lots or vacant plots of land. These mini cabins are expected to be cheaper and lighter, simpler to replicate and easier to put up and take down.
USC Viterbi students gain funding for products that support portable medicine storage.
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Trojans teach computer skills, build urban gardens and establish job-training programs.
Veteran writer uses book on L.A., homelessness and even the Gettysburg Address to inspire questions and pique curiosity.
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Though Sandra Maestre and Camila Rojas know they can’t solve all of L.A.’s problems, the juniors from Costa Rica and Venezuela are hoping their project can at least address hygiene concerns on Skid Row.
Dozens of cities have started designating certain parking lots as safe zones for homeless individuals. Based on three recent USC Price students’ research, it’s an effective strategy.
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VetConnect works with the annual Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count to connect unhoused veterans with services they are entitled to, in real time.
Eric Rice needed a better way to identify peer educators, and software was the answer.
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To complete this year’s Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority is working with a team of USC experts who will gather and analyze the data. In addition, a USC-wide collaboration of engineers and social workers, architects and scientists, sociologists and students, will work to address the medical and mental health challenges, housing shortages, poverty and crime issues surrounding homelessness.