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USC and UCLA scientists collaborated on a research project for L.A. homeless service officials to address issues with racial bias within the triage tools that guide housing placement. The use of A.I. could help more people exit homelessness.
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An interdisciplinary team of USC experts is working with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority on this year's Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count to provide an accurate estimate of the area's homeless population and identify its greatest needs.
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A brother and sister carry on the legacy of their late father, who turned dreams of homeownership into reality.
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USC experts weigh in on the major homelessness case before the justices.
Students get a fresh outlook on health care by visiting the Downtown Women’s Center as part of a weeklong USC initiative.
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In a time of great upheaval and need, USC students lead efforts to strengthen and support their communities.
From housing and supportive services to business and technology solutions, panelists outline framework for tackling one of society’s most intractable problems.
Students helped build a website that provides invaluable information to the hungry and homeless population.
‘How Poverty Affects Human Rights’ was the theme of this year’s All School Day event at USC.